Say it from a different point of view.

Translating is about more than simply updating words. It’s about knowing the region and culture you’re appealing to and being able to modify your communications and appropriately deliver messages and promotions. You must be able to adapt your words to suit any audience. The message needs to hit home but also accommodate cultural differences in a new region.

IHOP Transcreations

Having restaurants in Puerto Rico, Panama, Guatemala and Ecuador IHOP needed a solution to deliver the domestic promotions in a way that was more aligned with the language of the local population without losing the essence of what they stood for. Over the past 5 years NM+U has consistently delivered more than 8 campaigns per year including:

  • Transcreations: English, Spanish & Spanglish
  • Menu Inserts
  • Table Tents
  • Window Clings
  • Promotional Materials

TRYP by Wyndham

In 2010 TRYP Hotels joined the Wyndham Hotel Group. The agency was tapped to help re-invent the brand from a virtually unknown brand into a vibrant, fast-growing city centric brand.

The new brand campaign was developed in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese & German

Additionally, due to the diverse, non-central locations of the properties we were tasked with developing a multi-language intranet repository to support properties throughout the world.

Listing Presentations

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

With offices around the world and with agents serving a variety of types of consumer in many languages, the agency was tasked with translating the property listing presentations for them. Languages and dialects included

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
International Support

Radisson Hotels & Resorts

Having been a trusted Radisson partner for almost five years, NM+U was enlisted to help in a variety of capacities; from advertising to branding, to international print and digital marketing, internal communications, and even to helping to support many cross-brand initiatives. This means help in:

  • US English
  • Canadian English
  • Canadian French
  • French
  • Multiple Spanish Dialects
  • Portuguese

Applebee's Campaign Saudi Arabia

NM+U having completed an international campaign created for the Middle East region, was tasked with adapting it for Saudi Arabia to accommodate for the cultural differences. The NM+U team was asked to work with a local photographer who staged, set and shot the photo according to local mores and NM+U translated and transcreated all materials to be culturally relevant.

  • Arabic / English Mixture
  • Saudi Arabian models and photographer