Wafels & Dinges

Wafels & Dinges Franchising Setup

The Wafels & Dinges brand has become a staple of NYC indulgence over the past decade. With their Belgian wafels being unlike anything in the states, the time had come for national, franchised expansion. nm+u was tasked with preparing the brand for franchising.


When one sits and hears all the emotional and rational benefits of joining the brand, it’s a no-brainer… but those benefits are hard to capture quickly and efficiently in an ad campaign. Much less one in a professional industry such as real estate.


nm+u created, and in some cases updated, the color palette, the logo, the brand defining elements, packaging, collateral, advertising and in-store displays. The result is a clearly defined set of guidelines for a new franchisee to pick up, customize and deliver to their customers that is as well-done, consistent and quirky as any of the original NYC locations.

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