Rolling Stone

F&B Brand and Positioning

Rolling Stone is an iconic brand spanning over 50 years as a giant in the media industry. They are pioneers in staying relevant through generations, across cultures and beyond the media they're so well known and loved for.

Rolling Stone


Having been a global icon for over 50 years, the Rolling Stone brand is known as many things to many people. The challenge was to encapsulate the ethos of the Rolling Stone brand and then to embody brand essence into a hospitality concept that flexible enough to be a restaurant, live music venue, cafe or many adjacent concepts all in one.


As a one-of-kind brand that is popular across generations, genres, cultures and hemispheres, it was important to understand what gives the Rolling Stone such universal appeal. NM+U had the pleasure of interviewing key players in the company at their headquarters in NYC and learning about their vision for the next 50 years. Ultimately, we identified that only Rolling Stone offers true, behind-closed-door, insider access to all of our favorite culture icons… and it’s as true today as it’s always been.

Rolling Stone: Brand Essence & Positioning

For cultured non-conformists and pop-culture aficionados, Rolling Stone provides unprecedented insider access to the people, stories and soundtrack that shaped the last 50 years. In contrast with traditional hospitality concepts, Rolling Stone is a haven of timeless storytelling, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and unapologetic culinary artistry open to all.

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