ERA Real Estate

Real Estate Brand Development

ERA is the only brand in real estate who embodies an understanding of Real Estate being primarily a local- focused business; with the agents and brokers being the primary points of contacts in making business happen.


The challenge is to define and offer a clear benefit for agents and brokers while clearly articulating that the offering of the brand is not to get in the way of their existing local equity. The power of affiliating with a national brand is that a local broker can take advantage of scale; tools, resources and programs that would be out of reach for an independent broker. All while creating a design scheme that has ability to be hyper-modified without losing it’s core recognition.


CORNER YOUR MARKET was designed as a double entendre. ERA Real Estate offers tools to help you “corner” your local market, and that ERA real estate understands that real estate doesn’t happen at the national level, but on the corner… of every small town and neighborhood nationwide. The elements used to personify these concepts are a triangle, reflective of the brand icon as well as a location device. Also a map-like pattern was created that can be modified to portray local city and neighborhood maps.

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