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Real Estate Franchise Sales

To continue the momentum of the new ERA Real Estate “Corner Your Market” branding and position, the brand enlisted NM+U to evolve that campaign and develop a comprehensive marketing package for use by the franchise sales team.


Franchise salespeople traditionally have had to strike a unique balance. On one hand, they strive to get their materials in the hands of, and in use by, prospects. On the other hand, having a brand logo explicitly shown on the outside means many of those prospects either won’t accept, or will hide them from prying eyes. Lastly, as the franchise sales cycle is long, they need a multitude of tactics to get and stay in front of those prospects.  


NM+U worked closely with the brand marketing team to develop a content strategy that would offer many touchpoints throughout the sales cycle, and even the ability for the content to be sent as one large, one-time package, or a series of 10-15 individual mailings. From a series of illustrated books cataloguing the myriad reasons to join, to a mailing box and mail bags to divvy them up in, every detail was thought through to give salespeople maximum flexibility to do what they do best. In terms of design, the exterior of all pieces was “branded” with the new ERA design elements, but had no logos, only traces of the words “Corner Your Market.”  

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