Pancake Squad Kids Loyalty Program

IHOP has long been known as a family-friendly restaurant brand. After 60 years of spreading happiness around the globe, the brand wanted to build on that tradition by creating a deeper, more enriching experience for both families and primarily for children. Because we all know that happy kids = a happy family. And a happy family = a return visit.


The challenge was to develop a program that was specifically aimed at creating happy kids, to give them a more immersive experience both in and out of the restaurant. The goal was to ensure the program aligned with the brand promise of “Spreading Happiness” and ideally, the experience would be highly shareable, as well.


The Pancake Squad was created to truly help define a program that was JUST for kids. As a “squad” the kids can belong to something bigger and more meaningful. The program features a unique look and feel (yet is complementary to the main branding), and offers an app and in-store experience that focus directly on the perspective of the kids.

Print Materials; Birthday e-vite
Print Materials; Placement
Print Materials; Birthday e-vite
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Pancake Squad App

Having a multi-faceted app was key to creating an engaging experience for the whole family. From augmented reality features at the entry and table, to games, photobooth and filter features that are fun for the whole family.

What are the kinds saying

With thousands of downloads in the first month and hours of in-app use time average by each user, it’s clear that the app succeed in capturing the audience it set out to. But although the numbers speak for themselves, sometimes hearing the families speaks even louder.