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Mel’s Drive-In is an iconic L.A. institution. With over 70 years of history, it remains a celebrity haunt and is still often featured in major TV shows and movies. NM+U was tasked with developing the brand for franchising, and beyond that in helping to get those efforts off the ground.

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Franchise sales always requires a special touch; being able to correctly identify and target the right types of investors that are well-suited to run the particular type of franchise you are pitching. Certain franchise sales efforts become even more challenging as that typical profile needs to be refined even further to focus on the more institutional investors who have the resources to develop several stores simultaneously. In the case of Mel’s, it’s not just a restaurant being sold, but a legacy.


NM+U built a new website and added a new franchise sales page to drive traffic and leads to. As they previous had no guidelines, we created the branding on the site to reflect the spirit and ethos of the brand; seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern flair. We then created a series of ads that we would market them with, following up an email automation series to keep the attention after the connection and to push prospects further down the funnel.

Mel's Drive-in: Website Development & Franchise Page
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Mel's Drive-in: Email Marketing
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Mel's Drive-in: Digital Awareness Campaign
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Mel's Drive-in: Franchise Sales Marketing

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