Laughing Man Coffee

Franchising Launch

Laughing Man Coffee is a unique coffee concept, with a celebrity founder and media the likes of which no other cafe can boast. Based out of Tribeca it's become an institution, known for it's vision, mission and values... and for having some of the best coffee in New York City. But as the brand begins to grow into the franchise environment, several challenges await.


When NM+U began working with the Laughing Man, they had recently undergone a (yet-to-be-released) rebrand. It was our job not only to take that to the next level, but to do so keeping a franchise environment in mind.


NM+U had to create extremely ownable brand-atory elements that would help the brand achieve awareness at a critical mass in any new region it opened… but also to create a series of scalable, easily editable, multi-use creative templates that could be used by new franchisees of varying levels of marketing sophistication.

Laughing Man: Franchise Package Overview
Laughing Man: Franchise Promo Templates
Laughing Man: Social Templates
Laughing Man: Social Media Content Reco
Laughing Man: Swag Ideas
Laughing Man: Franchise Sales Marketing