International New Openings

IHOP is a brand that continues to be one of the largest franchise brands in the world with over 2000 locations worldwide.


As the chain continues to grow worldwide, ensuring that their openings are a success is paramount. NM+U was tasked with creating an opening plan that could be picked and executed again up by any franchise owner, in any country to ensure a successful opening.


By mapping the full journey of a restaurant from 6 months out to 6 months beyond the opening, NM+U created a series of 35 creative tactics and a schedule of when to execute them. To ensure flexibility worldwide, the tactics were created to be self-standing so they can be used all together, or as needed, in each market. The guide also included a full background on how the new restaurant opening strategy differed from other marketing strategies. It also included all the assets and a guide for how to implement each. To date, this guide has been used over 2 dozen times and continues to be a centerpiece for all new IHOP openings globally.

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