Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Hawthorn Suites Brand Development & Positioning

Campaign developed to support Hawthorn’s comprehensive brand repositioning as an upscale extended stay hotel brand.

Hawthorn is a newer entrant into the extended-stay market. nm+u developed a clear and undeniable portrayal of the brand as what it is… a long-term solution for long-term stays.

Where the competition uses “home” references, which aren’t necessarily true considering that nothing is really like home except for home, Hawthorn does not. Hawthorn instead uses “moving in” as an analogy for this same concept, but breaks down the cliché into something more relatable and in all fairness, true. And with the clarity and focus of the tagline “Extended Stay. Extended Comfort.”, there is no confusion to the consumer about who this product is best for.

Strategy 100%
Social 80%
Digital 85%
Design 100%

Project scope included:

  • Positioning Statement
  • Tone and Manner
  • Look and Feel
  • Brand Campaign (online and offline)
  • Social Media Presence
  • Sales and In-house Collateral Materials
  • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines
Conceptual Design Samples