Realogy (Anywhere Real Estate)

Climb Real Estate Brand Development

The Climb Real Estate brand was born in San Francisco and acquired by the Realogy Franchise Group in 2018. The brand was known for its innovative approach to technology, culture and most of all, collaboration. The brief was to take this local brand and make it scalable to a national audience in a franchise environment.


The challenge was to embody the spirit of collaboration and individualism that the company was known for, and bring that to life as a city-centric brand that could be franchised across the United States for a new kind of real estate agent, in a new era of real estate.


NM+U realized that the spirit of the brand was in its local, built-on-collaboration nature. The old ways of doing things weren’t bad, but new ways were needed to be authentic to younger, more modern agents, as well as younger, more savyy buyers and sellers. Giving a national brand a local twist requires collaboration which inspired: Climb X Local.

Climb Swag

It's your climb.

Empowering individuality through color, CLIMB’S accent color palette is intended for use as a substitute for the red bar creating a customizable brand identity designed as a framework for creating a unique pop of personality.

Climb believes in the power of individual and the freedom of choice and this reflected in our flexible branding options.

Climb Crate

From office signature elements to swag, Climbers can visit the Climb Create shop to get everything they need to start their Climb.

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