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Clarion Pointe Brand Development

The Clarion Pointe brand is a new off-shoot of the heritage Clarion brand. With more simplified, modern interiors and efficient, contemporary appointments and amenities, the Clarion Pointe brand needed to reflect its connection to the newly updated Clarion brand, while clearly differentiating itself and it's pared down nature to consumers.


Having recently completed a rebranding of the Clarion brand, the goal was be close enough in to the origin brand that it shared in its reputation, yet distant enough that it was clearly a new expression of the brand and not an extension of the original. These considerations were key in the development of both logo and branding identity.


nm+u leveraged, modified, simplified and updated elements from the new Clarion brand to create a more streamlined version. New messaging, new fonts, new photos were employed to clearly differentiate the two brands. Subsequently, this new brand also launched an internal breakfast program which nm+u named, design wrote for, and created to roll out along with the brand.

Starting Pointe Breakfast

A brand new breakfast service accompanied the launch of the new brand. From identifying to copywriting to environmental signage, the goal was to stay in line with the themes consistent with Clarion Pointe, while standing alone as its own program.