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Clarion Brand Development

The Clarion hotel brand is ubiquitous throughout the US and can be found in every state as well as every major and secondary city. The goal was to refresh the look and feel of the brand's marketing to reflect that, although that the brand is everywhere and has been for some time, the hotels themselves are not dated and haven't stopped modernizing.


Refreshing a brand that everyone knows and that has recall as high as
Clarion is a challenge in and of itself. To create something that retains
certain defining markers yet makes a clear and distinctive turn from
its past requires consideration of many factors, including how both
hotel owners and consumers will react to the changes.


nm+u retained the original brand icon but chose a new, cleaner, more
modern typeface for the logotype. The pattern was created as a way
to utilize the existing maroon and yellow colors but to add to the
palette vibrant reds and teals to liven it up. This pattern also creates a
cohesive, yet not static way of connecting all elements together across
a host of items.

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