Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

“Expect Better” Consumer Campaign

As a young real estate company, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE), recognized they needed a strong brand identity to increase consumer recognition and establish itself amongst traditional competitors.


Building on existing consumer trust and affinity while capitalizing on the unique partnership with the iconic Better Homes & Gardens brand presented challenges and opportunities. NM+U was tasked with the development of BHGRE’s brand positioning and producing a unified creative platform to guide all brand and franchisee consumer-facing marketing initiatives.


BHGRE’s partnership with the iconic Better Homes & Gardens brand provides name recognition and consumer trust. To capitalize on that legacy and solidify its reputation in the real estate market.


NM+U identified BHGRE as the only real estate brand relevant to consumers throughout every stage of the home buying or selling journey and embraced the legacy and trust of the Better Homes & Gardens brand. As part of this effort, NM+U created the “Expect Better” campaign, employing original lifestyle images, powerful messaging, and creative strategy that continues to provide BHGRE and its affiliates with the means to reach and connect with consumers.

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