Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

“Expect Better” Consumer Campaign

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) is one of the youngest real estate companies in the market. Their more-established competitors enjoy widespread brand recognition and a much larger agent base.


BHGRE is built on the foundation of a lifestyle brand that has been an integral part of the American home since 1924. As such, it benefits from the awareness of Better Homes and Gardens and the consumer trust that comes along with the brand. nm+u was tasked with the development of a new brand positioning and a unified creative platform to guide all brand and franchisee consumer-facing marketing initiatives.


The new BHGRE campaign “Expect Better” capitalizes on BHGRE’s legacy and its trusted name. BHGRE is a lifestyle brand with a connection to Better Homes and Gardens magazine and is the only real estate brand that is relevant to consumers before, during, and after home buying or selling transactions. The campaign features original lifestyle images of people enjoying a better life in their new homes. With BHGRE, they get a better buying/selling experience, and guidance for a “Better Life,” which continues even after they’ve purchased their home.

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