Ribs Campaign

Having recently completed a rebranding, the “Celebrate Everything” positioning of Applebee’s International needed to be captured and conveyed into a :30 National TV spot running in Mexico showing a limited-time offer for Ribs.


The challenge was to feature the ribs in a compelling and delicious way, while also portraying the brand as the place to be to celebrate everything for people of all ages.


nm+u wrote, storyboarded and created the “Celebrate Everything” video, which contrasts where you are with where you want to be. Ultimately showing the restaurant as a place with excellent ribs, and that you’re equally happy spending time there with friends and family. With a month of planning, pre-production and location scouting for a two-day, shoot in Guadalajara, Mexico, the nm+u team delivered a video that defines these concepts on time and on budget.