Covid-19 Marketing Support

As restaurants began to close internationally due to Covid-19, Applebee’s Mexico needed updated messaging and creative development to respond to the rapidly changing situation.


With dine-in capacity at restaurants coming to a close, delivery and pick-up became the new imperative. NM+U realized that we must swiftly evolve our approach; reaching people in their homes and on social platforms would be essential.


NM+U developed a strategy for Applebee’s Mexico to pivot consumer messaging and menus while still emphasizing Celebration despite limited face-to-face interactions. By producing printable menus, landing page menus, social media campaigns, digital promotions, and advertising that supported app-based ordering NM+U was able to help Applebee’s adapt.

Multi Purpose Menus

As Applebee’s created a limited menu for delivery, NM+U was tasked with creating two versions of the menu. One version, intended for pick-up and takeout, needed to be easily printed locally and would also be included with every delivery order. The second version would live online for all digital communications to be directed to.

Printable Menu
Website Landing Page: Mobile Optimized
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