AKAM Property Management

Branding and Marketing

AKAM is one of the leading property management companies in Manhattan. In the last few years, AKAM has expanded into the South Florida market with plans to continue expanding nationwide.

AKAM new logo in gold


AKAM manages over 70,000 units across NYC, had recently expanded into the South Florida market, and had plans to grow much further. Because of all this it was important to evolve the brand to reflect all that has made the brand what it is today, and all that will make it what it is on its way to becoming.


As a Manhattan staple, AKAM is known as a sophisticated company; vibrant and passionate about doing all they could to help create communities and to help them thrive. By identifying the pillars that have always made this true NM+U created a new messaging platform and brand position that would be used to craft an all-new, re-imagined website, marketing plan, internal communications platform and all new look and feel.

AKAM: Website Structure & Design
A screenshot of AKAM's new website
A laptop with AKAM's new website pulled up on screen
AKAM: Collateral Look and Feel
Material assets for AKAM marketing at events
A tablet showing AKAM's new website
A flyer with details about AKAM's business