Hildy Homes

SEM Efforts for Web Traffic

Hildy Homes is a residential new home contractor based out of Omaha Nebraska. They build custom homes and are known for building beautiful homes in exceptional communities and on-time, every time.


To make sure that they were getting the most exposure possible, Hildy Homes wanted to use SEM to make sure that when their services were being searched in the areas that they serve, that Hildy Homes is the first name at the top of the page. With a modest monthly budget, it quickly became clear that before this initiative they had been missing out on significant portion of traffic that should have been coming their way previously.

2023 Results


Average CPC


vs. National Average of
$0.75-$2.37 for Real Estate Sector


Average CTR


vs. National Average of
1.08%-3.71% for Real Estate Sector

How We Did It

Google SEM

NM+U utilized a variety of keywords and keywords applications to make sure that every potential Hildy Homes visitor would find them when applicable. Also, because of the nature of geographical location that Hildy Homes serves it was important not only to target the local area, but to identify feeder markets that could drive business even further.