Applebee's Mexico

SEM: Advertising with REAL store traffic conversions

Applebee’s is chain thriving in Mexico much as it is here in the United States. As their AOR, NM+U is in charge of not only the creative but the social and SEM marketing for Mexico. As such, we’re always looking for more ways to drive value.


As with all restaurants, the goal of advertising is to drive people to eat there. When NM+U learned of some of Google’s new GPS-related features, we sought to utilize them to make sure our advertising wasn’t only effective by traditional metrics, but the by the mother of all metrics themselves… actual store visits to an Applebee’s after seeing an SEM ad served.

2023 Results


Average CTR


vs. Global Average of
7.60% for Search Campaigns
in the restaurant sector


Average CPC


vs. Mexico Average of
0.49% for Search Campaigns
in the restaurant sector


Average CPC
(in this case Store Visits)

per visit


Total Store
Visits After
Seeing Ads


over 4 week test period

How We Did It

Google SEM / Tracking Codes

NM+U used SEM and search data to identify key menu items, category, times of searches and a variety of other variables that would be most likely to be searching for immediate reasons. We then used google to identify local restaurants relevant to the search area to connect the data being served to Google’s GPS trackers. It should be noted, that while we were able to track 2000+ verified customer visits, a large portion of the population doesn’t allow GPS trackers to track and send info, so 2000+ only represent those who do.