We are strategists, disruptors, innovators, and artists.

Us + You

NM+U is a boutique creative agency that helps some of the biggest names in their industries stand out above their competition. With a focus on strategic branding and positioning, we help hospitality and franchise brands differentiate themselves in markets where a sea of sameness is the norm. We then take this fundamental belief in the power of strategic positioning to the next level by helping our clients execute every detail of their B2B + B2C communications from planning to production.

We're always looking for great people to join our DesignStudio team. Check out our current job listings below and get in touch if you think you could be a good match.

Account Executives Client Services
Creative Directors & Associate Creative Directors
Social Media
& Digital Marketing
Art Directors & Graphic Designers
Copywriters & Content Generators

What Makes Us Special

The NM+U team is a small but mighty group of intelligent, innovative, hard-working, gif-loving, problem- solving individuals. We’re looking for all-around all-stars who are perpetually excited to collaborate on creative projects of all kinds.

As a fully remote team, there are two pillars we’ve come to live by.

  1. Collaboration is the key to longevity. When we work together, we push each other. When we work together, we carry the load together and the weight of the is never too much for one person to bear.
  2. Individual Responsibility. Those who succeed at NM+U do so because they’re skill professionals with time-management and communication skills it takes to become an additive member to our already impressive roster.


The “+” in our name stands for collaboration. Very few great achievements in life have ever happened alone, they are results of collaborations, partnerships, networks, connections and sharing freely among them. Even our name is a daily reminder that collaborations between us and our clients, us and our vendors, and us amongst ourselves are what drive our business and ultimately our success.

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