IHOP International

Franchise Sales Lead Generation Campaign

IHOP continues to grow to become the largest, most well-loved breakfast chain in the world. In 2023, NM+U took on the challenge of growing the brand in Canada, before launching a 2024 strategy to develop more franchises worldwide.


The types of investors that would be preferred partners in opening IHOP locations globally represent a very, very small portion of a very large audience. The challenge was to be able to prove that we could reach them via social and digital channels, while creating an email campaign that would keep them engaged to the point of a conversation after their lead was generated.

2023 Results


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How We Did It

Google SEM / Google Display / Google Performance Max / LinkedIn / Meta / CRM + Email Automation

NM+U developed a highly targeted ad campaigns designed to find very particular audience overlays to create the perfect audiences to begin with. Following that up with a series of tactics such as custom lookalikes and past client data we were able to e find audiences and build interest. We also created an email automation series comprised of 20 email sends to gain attention, keep attention and invite users to get pre-qualified and also to have a conversation with the sales team directly.