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A brand is more than a logo.

A brand is a core set of values that provide a clear vision of your company. It permeates the products, services, and employee culture and is what consumers associate with your business. We can help you identify your personality and positioning in order to create impactful and memorable marketing that will resonate with others.

Only the best quality

Sleep Inn by Choice Hotels: Dream Better Here

Sleep Inn has a name that is inviting and literally associated with one of the most important aspects of what is needed when travelling to perform your best. The task was to leverage the name, and it’s associations, while also differentiating the brand from the competition. nm+u created a new logo, but doubled down on purple as the only brand in the segment to have that color. Other considerations include:

  • Creative copywriting to connote the restful, calming influence of the hotel on travellers’ stays
  • A cool, calming color palette to visually support calm and restful feelings
  • Subtle, asymetrical, nature-inspired elements to create cohesive with the exterior and interior experiences

Wafels & Dinges

As Wafels & Dinges prepared for National Franchise Expansion nm+u was engaged to develop a clearly defined, scalable and memorable branding that could encompass all facets of the business. Categories of items developed included:

  • Packaging
  • Website & Digital Materials
  • Menu Strategy & Structures
  • Franchise Marketing Communications
Let's Connect

Wingate by Wyndham

NM+U was engaged to develop a comprehensive creative strategy and messaging platform to support its new “Modern Life in Balance” positioning. “Let’s Connect” became the central theme as connection, in every form, is the key component of any successful modern business trip. Key components would include:

  • A clear copywriting tone-of-voice
  • Unique visual devices
  • Custom photography and photo style
  • Launch video
Corner Your Market

ERA Real Estate

As the only brand in real estate to truly embrace the concept of real estate as a primarily local-focused business, ERA Real Estate had the challenge of delivering a clear, concise benefit while creating a memorable look and feel that was as flexible as it eye-catching. This campaign would go on to fulfill a variety of business needs such as:

  • Defining a B2B Campaign
  • Defining a Franchise Sales Campaign
  • Defining broker-level talent attraction strategies
  • Supporting a “Powered by” flexible branding strategy
  • Defining a B2C Campaign
Celebrate Everything

Applebee's International

A well-known domestic brand doesn’t always have the benefit of being ubiquitous in other markets. For this engagement, nm+u was tasked with re-assessing the brand, it’s value proposition, customer research and perceptions to craft a positioning and branding that could clearly identify why consumers should choose Applebee’s in existing and emerging markets. Deliverables included:

  • New brand positioning and creative platform
  • Multi-media consumer campaign
  • Comprehensive library of marketing tactics for traditional, digital and experiential needs
  • Comprehensive template library (200+ materials, multi-language)
  • Intranet portal, an online destination to house all brand assets and foster collaboration among franchisees worldwide
Everything's Better at Night

Night Hotels by Wyndham

As a hotel concept built around taking older, more dated exterior corridor properties, Night Hotels didn’t try to hide that, but embraced everything that is cool, irreverent and kitschy about them. To capture the essence, nm+u focused heavily on:

  • Clever writing to capture the irreverent, pop-culture reference of the target
  • Use of nostalgia in both visual and written themes
  • Music as a emotional driver
  • Embracing the grungy, low-fi visual themes associated with dive bars
  • Creating a persona for the brand that was consistent with the intended personas of its consumers

Rolling Stone

Due to the nature of this project, not much can be revealed (yet). However, NM_U was engaged as part of a larger initiative to define the brand strategy and how to convert such a ubiquitous brand as Rolling Stone into a hospitality experience.

Currently in development, the brand’s F&B concept is looking to grow rapidly worldwide starting in 2020. NM+U was engaged to create:

  • Brand Position
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Experience
  • Pitch Deck
  • Brand Launch Plan
  • Staffing & Training Guides