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Hawthorn Suites Lifestyle Brand Photography

After the rebrand of Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham was complete, the need for custom brand photography and video to support it was necessary.


The challenge was to embody the new concept of “Stay Hawthorn. Stay as you are” while showing off not only the home-like aspects of hotels, but also to feature the amenities of the hotel in a way that showed off the benefit to the consumer in a fun and “ownable” way.


With roughly two months of planning, pre-production and location scouting culminating in a four-day, two location shoot in Orlando, FL and St. Clairsville, OH the nm+u team was able to deliver 80+ custom photos and a brand video on time and on budget. Lighting, wardrobe selection, casting, prop styling, make-up, post-production and coloration were intentional focuses in order to achieve the look and feel that now makes up the “Stay Hawthorn. Stay as you are” campaign style.