Cross-platform storytelling funnels

Get your brand in front of the right audience at the right time with digital marketing and cross-platform storytelling. Expand your reach and gain the ability to touch your audience wherever they are. One of the most important aspects of decision-making for consumers is familiarity, and frequency equals familiarity. NM+U creates strong digital content that is not only memorable but effective. Let us help you implement strategies in order to gain leads and increase your ROI.

HOJO: Pools Rule

NM+U created the “Pool Rules / Pools Rule” campaign as a series of three videos to tell the story of fun, pre-nostalgic memories to be had by the pool.

The videos were accompanied by a multi-platform campaign including social media, digital ad networks, in-email marketing and included awareness ads, traffic driving ads, direct sales ads, and property-specific purchase ads further down the sales funnel.

The results included:


  • 3.4x ROI in Revenue
  • 9,468,766 Impressions
  • 1, 362 Purchases
  • The HOJO marketing team found it so successful they ran the same campaign framework two consecutive years
Embracing Character

Trademark Collection by Wyndham

The NM+U team would collaborate with the brand to cut a pre-created video into a variety of short edits to tell varying parts of the full story and draw consumers deeper into the story. Later the experience would culminate in a full, long-format version of the video, followed by an Facebook ad experience and lastly by a series of direct booking ads being delivered to those at the end of the funnel. Results included:

  • Site Visits: +50.4% YoY
  • Conversion: +60% YoY
  • Campaign Reach: 2,080,253
  • Campaign Impression: 5,234,352
Fall Campaign

Wingate by Wyndham

In the midst of a rebranding, and having not just launched the “Let’s Connect” tagline, the brand needed to run a Fall Campaign to encourage bookings during that travel window. Creating a campaign that was true to the modern business travelers it serves, Wingate by Wyndham wanted to make statement about how the brand best serves them when they travel for business. The campaign was a huge success including:

  • 5.4M Impressions
  • 2.5% CTR (138% higher than industry benchmark)
  • 22M Reach
  • 620K Link Clicks
  • $0.18 CPC (54% lower cost than industry benchmark)
12 Days of Rewards

Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Rewards aimed to increase the number of members for their hotel rewards program with a fast-paced 12-day initiative that focused on rewarding current and new members. With social and digital channels included, NM+U was tasked with driving reach, traffic and ultimately sign-ups. The campaign numbers speak for themselves.

  • 3.9% Average CTR
  • $15 Cost Per Click
  • 117,177 unique registrations
  • 306,725 entries