This post is titled after a phrase uttered by a new business prospect a few days ago, and it embodies one of the main reasons companies hire us: specialization.

In the example above, the prospect and I were having an initial phone conversation about his travel-related company. He explained the way his company works and some of the challenges they were facing. I could tell he was trying to simplify his story and boil it down to generic business terms that anyone could understand.

At some point during our talk he was trying to explain the role of one of the key players in his supply chain (ground operators he called them). It was at this moment that I asked if he was referring to a destination marketing company, his response: “Yes, a DMC. Man, now you’re speaking my language!” from this point on it was clear we were speaking the same language.

See, at Navigant Marketing we focus primarily on travel, franchising, and on specific challenges for large institutions. This narrow specialization makes us uniquely qualified to get up to speed quickly with our clients. It also makes us extremely efficient, minimizes rookie mistakes and maximizes results. This expertise extends beyond marketing, in fact we understand every aspect of the business segments we serve, from sales and marketing to actual operations and business development. So much that our clients sometimes call on us to develop franchise sales presentations, simplify value propositions and evaluate brand guidelines for practicality.

Sure we can help sell a new brand of ketchup, create ads for a hair care product line, or develop a logo for a cool social network – but many agencies can do that too. However, we can build travel and franchising brands like nobody else can!