Defining A Brand Defines A Business

Brand strategy is the core of a good business and results in having the right, and therefore efficient, creative message. A thoroughly considered brand strategy affects all aspects of a business, from offering to execution and from operations to employee culture. A brand strategy, and identifying what your company truly stands for, will allow you to better connect with your consumers. Let us help your brand know its place in the competitive landscape and achieve your goals.

Kid's Program

IHOP International

When a brand known for its family-friendly nature wants to create a kids program, it quickly becomes clear that a placemat and a cardboard hat isn’t going to do it justice. The true need is a sense of connection and belonging; a holistic experience that makes children feel like it’s truly theirs. NM+U wanted to give children and families a way to connect (with each other and the brand) while waiting in the lobby, at the table, and in all the spaces throughout their journey. Program includes:

  • Brand Identity that puts IHOP secondary to the “SQUAD” branding: colors, logo, naming
  • Server + hostess scripts to talk to families
  • Activities at every step of the consumer journey from waiting at the entry to departure
  • App to connect with friends and others
  • Interactive AR & VR
  • Birthday program
  • After school program
  • Weeknight/Afternoon Program
Franchise Strategy

Wafels & Dinges

As a brand that had basically “taken over NYC” from Belgian owners, the next step for the brand was National & International franchising. The challenge is in taking a quirky, local brand and turning that into a scalable, national brand that retains its quirky persona. NM+U was crucial in defining & creating:

  • Clear brand position
  • Tone-of-Voice & Persona
  • Updated identity
  • Flexible templates
  • Packaging
  • Uniforms

Rolling Stone

Due to the nature of this project, not much can be revealed (yet). However, NM_U was engaged as part of a larger initiative to define the brand strategy and how to convert such a ubiquitous brand as Rolling Stone into a hospitality experience.

Currently in development, the brand’s F&B concept is looking to grow rapidly worldwide starting in 2020. NM+U was engaged to create:

  • Brand Position
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Experience
  • Pitch Deck
  • Brand Launch Plan
  • Staffing & Training Guides