Project Description

Project Description

Applebee’s is the world’s largest casual dining restaurant chain, present in the United States and nearly 20 countries around the world. The brand engaged NM+U as International Agency of Record and tasked the agency with the development of a comprehensive brand re-positioning and creative strategy to be used across all international markets.

Strategy 100%
Print 90%
Digital 90%
Social 95%


  • Armed with client-supplied consumer research, the agency set off to identify a common theme that was true to the brand, relevant to a broad range of international audiences and different from global as well as local competitors.
  • Special attention had to be paid to cultural differences across distinct regions such as the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia in order to ensure an outcome that would be broadly appealing, suitable to all regions and compelling enough to drive franchisee engagement.
  • In an effort to maximize inefficiencies and leverage existing assets, the agency maintained key graphical elements from the existing U.S. brands but wrapped them in completely-new messaging that would support the new brand positioning.


  • A creative strategy anchored around the theme “Applebee’s There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate”
  • This new brand positioning brought to life the research-supported premise of a place that more than a restaurant, is the backdrop for every kind of celebration, from major life events to mundane everyday occasions.
  • A comprehensive online resource: the Applebee’s Celebration Extranet, was launched as a one-stop destination for franchisees and partners to access guidelines, campaign resources and other brand assets 24/7.

Deliverables Included:

  • New brand positioning and creative platform
  • Multi-media consumer campaign
  • Comprehensive library of marketing tactics for traditional and digital channels
  • Comprehensive template library
  • Extranet portal, an online destination to house all brand assets and foster collaboration among franchisees worldwide

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